The Town Administrator is the chief administrator of the Town and is appointed by the Town Council.    The administrator is responsible to the council for:
  • Ensuring that all local, state, and federal laws and regulations are met.
  • Ensuring that all operations and projects are operational, efficient, and sustainable.
  • Implementing philosophies and policy decisions of the council.
  • Managing the performance of all Town departments.
  • Providing for economic and downtown development.
  • Responding to citizen requests and concerns.
The Town Attorney serves as general counsel to the Town Council, the Town Administrator, department heads, and other Town boards, giving legal advice, drafting ordinances, representing the Town in court in civil matters such as land condemnation, contract disputes, bill collection, civil fines, and ordinance violations. The Town attorney does not handle any criminal matters, as this function in North Carolina is carried out by a locally elected district attorney, nor can he give legal advice to citizens in general.

Attorney Bill Anderson serves as the Town Attorney for Wilson's Mills. 

The Town Clerk's Office serves as a direct link between citizens of the community and their government. Every town, city, village, and tribe in the world has at least one person who – by whatever title he or she is known – serves in the role of town clerk: custodian of official public records; communicator of public policy; organizer of public business; recorder of the community's history; performer of many varied tasks that assist in the smooth operation of local governance.

Duties Include:
  • Organizing meetings of the Wilson's Mills Town Council
  • Serving as custodian of Town records
  • Responding to requests for information from citizens, businesses, media and other agencies
  • Preparing or assisting in the preparation of informational products for distribution to the public
  • Recording today's events for tomorrow's history
  • Keeping up with new technologies and methods of record-keeping
  • Continuing education so that citizens receive the most knowledgeable service possible


Administration Department Contacts:

Town Administrator:  919-938-3885 (ext 28)
Town Attorney:  Bill Anderson-919-872-3000
Town Clerk:  Leighanna Worley, CMC-919-938-3885 (ext 21)
Assistant Finance Officer/Deputy Town Clerk: Tara Eatman, 919-938-3885 (ext 27)

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